Green Steps Program

Square One’s Green Steps Program ensures we reduce our carbon footprint and work with our tenants and guests towards more eco-efficient business practices.

  • The placement of interior recycling/waste containers throughout the property.
  • An automated energy management system that controls all common area heating/cooling and exterior/interior lighting minimizing energy consumption.
  • The installation of high-efficiency lighting equipment to maintain proper lighting levels while reducing energy usage.
  • Assisting retailers with proper waste disposal.
  • Use of environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies.
  • Smoke-Free Entrances (Cleaner Air Program)
  • Diversion Rates (56% diversion in 2011)
  • Reusable dineware and cutlery offered at all Food Central vendors.

To demonstrate Square One’s continuous sustainability efforts, with the launch of Food Central and its full-service scullery, plus the Tenant Waste Management Program, here are some environmental highlights from 2013 alone:

  • By recycling cardboard, we’ve:
    • Saved 8,255 trees
    • Saved 1,942,280 kilowatts of energy
    • Saved 12,147 cubic metres of landfill space
    • Saved 12,625 litres of water
  • By installing an Organic Waste Pulper, we’ve Increased organic waste recycling by 300%



*Building and Owners and Managers Association



A Green Future with Sustainable Practices Hoarding for Humanity Program

Did you know that hoarding materials have the shortest life-span that result in an increase of waste? Square One, partnering alongside Hoarding for Humanity, uses an environmentally-friendly approach to the hoarding process: all materials used during renovations are recycled and then reused as part of building projects, undertaken by Habitat for Humanity.

The Hoarding For Humanity program is a refreshing, innovative and eco-friendly solution to hoarding nightmares of the past. Together, Square One and Habitat for Humanity Canada offer a whole-hearted and well-rounded recycling program that guarantees environmental sustainability.

Square One’s Green Steps Program is a property-wide initiative that will continue to prove its ongoing commitment to ensure the follow-through of eco-conscious business practices.


Community Support

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