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Visit the Oxford Properties Group leasing page for Square One Shopping Centre

For Permanent Retail Leasing inquiries, please submit a business plan to Oxford Properties Group Leasing Department:

100 Adelaide Street West 
Suite 900 
Toronto, Ontario 
M5H 0E2 


Business plans must include the following information

  • Company Name, address, phone number, and website
  • Owner/Franchisee/Franchisor name, address, phone number and e-mail address
  • Retail space requirements, plus storage and other details required to operate your business. Please include preferred location (e.g. food court, in-line, near an entrance, kiosk, etc).
  • Photographs of your current location or any architectural renderings of proposed store design
  • Expected sales per square foot you expect to achieve (target sales).
  • Average GROC (gross rent occupancy cost) you expect to incur and run a profitable business
  • Photographs and an outline of your merchandise/product line detailing price range, as well as any names of suppliers
  • Demographic profile of your customer and/or target market
  • Financial data, such as budget which would include your projected start-up fees (construction, fixturing, architecture) and proposed expenditures (rent per square foot, taxes)
  • A full sales forecast and cash flow analysis for your first year operating



SQUARE ONE SHOPPING CENTRE is a dominant retail player in the shopping centre industry that attracts over 24 million visitors a year. Centrally located in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario it is home to over 330 retail stores and services. The Specialty Leasing Department can offer several venues in prime common area locations within the Centre to allow you to showcase your event, promotion, and products.

For information regarding Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs) and Specialty Leasing programs for all temporary requests in the common area, please see below for specialty leasing.



Centre Court

Centre Court is the main and largest court of the three courts available. This area contains approximately 1,500 square feet and is located on Level 1 by Food Central. Centre Court has a 360 degree view from both Level 1 and Level 2. Event height restrictions are not limited to the standard 5' height in this area. Electrical and data is available at various points throughout the Court area.

Info COurt

Info Court is located on Level 2, near Entrance 1, between Hudson’s Bay and Walmart. It can accommodate events that fit into a footprint of 20' long by 15' wide and 5' high. Two separate electrical and data floor outlets are available at this location.


For anyone wishing to take advantage of any of the above venue zones we require the following information in writing for our review:

  • Description of products/services/event that will be promoted.
  • Specific term dates.
  • Electrical/data requirements.
  • A full depiction/rendering that includes the overall concept, footprint plan showing the floor plan set up, dimensions, elevations, flooring and signage information.
  • Complete contact information.
  • The ability to provide $5,000,000 public liability insurance along with a WSIB Clearance Certificate.



Design Guidelines:

  • Professional units/displays are mandatory. Table and chair setups are not allowed.
  • All power and data cords must be concealed. If this is not possible, all exposed cords must have professional wire covers. Absolutely no duct tape is allowed.
  • If installing flooring it must be easy to remove without causing damage to the existing shopping centre finishes. Duct tape is not allowed to secure the flooring. All flooring edges should be low profile and must not pose a tripping hazard. All flooring finishes must have a premium look and feel and should be cleaned daily.
  • The display height must not exceed 5 feet, with some exceptions (e.g. Centre Court).
  • All sides of the display unit must be professionally finished and sealed without any visible cracks or damage. No skirting is to be used to conceal any openings or unfinished sections of the unit.
  • All signage must be approved by the Specialty Leasing Department.
  • The unit/display must have a first-class presentation

General Guidelines

  • Upon venue approval, a site visit well in advance of the event start date is mandatory.
  • Once the site visit has been completed, a Specialty Leasing Licence Agreement will be prepared. This document, along with all other requirements, must be received by the Specialty Leasing department well in advance of the event start date.
  • Staff must remain within the venue footprint area and must adhere to the soliciting rules and regulations of this Shopping Centre. No roaming outside the venue footprint area is allowed.
  • Installation and removal of your display must take place outside of regular Shopping Centre hours.

Once your information has been reviewed the Specialty Leasing Department will contact you to discuss further.


    Please note that applications will not be considered without the proper requirements received in writing.

    You may e-mail your interest to
    Cathrine Llagas, Specialty Leasing Manager

    Common Area Venue Application Form



    If you are just starting your business or if you are an independent retailer looking for brand recognition and great exposure an RMU at Square One is an ideal solution. This program offers minimum overhead with low start-up costs in prime common area locations throughout the Centre. Your business will receive exposure to 400,000+ customers per week.


    RMU REQUIREMENTS - Please submit the following:

    • A copy of your Article of Incorporation
    • Your HST number
    • Description of products/services to be sold
    • Visual merchandising package should include sketches of your merchandising plan and/or pictures of previous set ups if applicable
    • Business Operations Plan which should include a copy of your price list, product guarantee, return policy and packaging
    • Completion of the RMU application form

    Applications will not be considered without the above information and documentation.

    You may e-mail your interest to
    Christina Slawycz, Specialty Leasing Coordinator

    RMU (Kiosk) Application Form