Occupancy information is for your safety and convenience and to help you plan for your visit. Shopping centre capacity is calculated using social distancing guidelines and local regulations.​

Square One Centre Occupancy


Enjoy convenient and safe ways to shop!

  • A list of select retailers open for in-store shopping can be found HERE
  • A list of stores & services offering Curbside Pickup can be found HERE
  • A list of stores & services offering Centralized Indoor Pickup can be found HERE
  • A list of restaurants & eateries offering Takeout & Delivery can be found HERE


How often are you updating this information?
SQ1 management will receive live updates on how many guests are in the mall via the traffic counting system.

How will capacity levels be communicated? What happens if the area has reached max capacity or is in the red zone?
Centre capacity will be posted on SQ1’s website to assist guests plan their visit and determine the best time to shop.

Once capacity reaches the “Yellow” zone, Square One will remain diligent in ensuring safety protocols are being followed including physical distancing and store capacities are set for a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

Once capacity reaches the “Red” zone, Security will limit access to the shopping centre through designated entrances on a one-out, one-in basis.

How do stores manage capacity? Are you able to provide capacity for every store?
The maximum capacity of each store will be posted on the store front. Each store will manage their own lines ups. You may also refer to our virtual line available here for a more convenient and safe storefront pick-up. Through this tool, you will receive a text confirming your position in line and average wait time.