Lanzhou Hand-pulled beef noodle is one of the most well-known dishes in China with more than 200 years history. The dish is enjoyed by over 3 million of people every day in the city of its origin alone, and carries significant cultural values to its people. This city is called Lanzhou, where the story of Gol’s Lanzhou begins. 

The founder of Gol's Lanzhou, Yuming Gao, was born into a local family that has been running beef noodle restaurants for generations. Each location of their chain restaurant is serving over 2,000 bowls of authentic Lanzhou Hand-pulled beef noodle to locals every day.

Yuming started to inherit the knowledge about Lanzhou hand-pulled beef noodle at a very young age and continued to study and practice in food industry. His passion, love and expertise about the noodle makes him the perfect ambassador for this dish of his hometown.

Come and join us to experience the food, culture and love, all infused in a bowl of authentic Lanzhou hand-pulled beef noodle!


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