This treat pop-up concept also includes Eva’s Original Chimneys and Squish Candies.

Love Me Sweet is a bakery that specializes in making Japanese-style cheesecakes. Throughout the years, we have invested a lot of time perfecting our recipes to create an unforgettably delicious cheesecake for you. Love Me Sweet’s cheesecakes are light, fluffy, and of course, creamcheesy.

We bake them throughout the day with 100% natural ingredients to ensure that you will always get them fresh right out of the oven. Expect a light, fluffy, cloud-like texture that just melts in your mouth. Don’t just take our word for it, drop by Love Me Sweet and sample our cheesecakes!

This location shares a space with Eva’s Original Chimneys and Squish.

289 521-1800
Additional payment methods accepted:
Closest entrance: 8
Best place to park: P8