Square One is proud to be partnering with the Malton BIA and Malton high school teacher Janice Lowe to expand her bicycle donation program, which gives bikes to students who don’t have them.

We’re proud to support this initiative, which will help students without bikes get outside and maintain their mental and physical health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Malton BIA will run the project until the end of August. They’ve secured a space for volunteers to refurbish the bikes before they are donated to youth, teens, and young adults.

Janice, who is the founder of the Grow, Lead, Excel Movement and a Malton high school teacher, told CBC News the program began after checking in with her students during the pandemic.

“I suggested to [one of my students] that he should get out of his house and…just go for a bike ride to enjoy himself; and he said that he never had a bike,” Lowe told CBC News. “When I started calling my other youth, I was asking them the same question—if they had a bike.”

As a proud member of the Malton community, the Malton BIA is thrilled to support this important initiative, which will help to address the mental and physical health impacts of social distancing during this pandemic.

Do you have a bike, bike lock, or helmet you’d like to donate?

Contact info@maltonbia.com or call 905-499-2969 ext. 502.

Any condition or size is welcome for the bikes!