At Mii Sandwich Co, food is our passion. We deliver fresh, invigorating, energizing Vietnamese cuisine. Authentic with a modern flair, Mii Sandwich Co. elevates your senses and gives you the energy you need to fuel your own passions. From our roots in Vietnam, we know that the most exciting flavour experience begins with the finest ingredients. When fresh lemongrass, basil and cilantro pair with prime cuts of beef, tender spiced chicken, juicy pork, and teriyaki-doused salmon, the end result is a mouthwatering, crave-inducing culinary explosion.

Fresh or tangy, spicy or sweet, Mii Sandwich Co. delivers. Our attention to detail, from the crunchy yet soft buns that embrace our expertly seasoned cuts of meat, to the authentic bone broth that simmers for hours with love and patience to the fresh, crisp Asian inspired salad greens and vinaigrettes, Mii Sandwich Co. offers something for every craving. …but enough about Mii

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