Create a drop-dead gorgeous Halloween look that’s both a trick and treat for the eye.

Social media outlets, like Instagram, have undeniably heightened the desire for makeup professionals and lovers of makeup alike to be as creative and clever when creating their masterpiece. It is not surprising that in a world filled with an abundance of makeup and skincare options, with patience and a little bit of magic, you literally can be whoever you choose to be. 

Don’t be spooked! Here are step-by-step instructions on creating three creepy looks that will be sure to leave a frightful impression.

Scary Punk Skull



  • Apply the Full Throttle Eye Shadow Stick in the shade Electric Surface on the complete surface of your eyes. 
  • Use the Pro Shading Brush to apply the SFX Crème Colour Fuchsia on the top of your eyebrows, and the bottom of your eyes creating a diagonal effect.
  • Complete with the Vivid Bright Liner in the shade Halo to create little dots around your eyes.


  • Apply the Full Throttle Eye Shadow Stick in Electric Surface on the lips and surrounding area.
  • Use the Vinyl Liner to draw a line starting at the corner of your lips with an outward motion.
  • Create vertical lines with the SFX Crème Colour Fuchsia.
  • Add little dots around your lips with the Vivid Bright Liner in Halo.
  • Add texture by dabbing with the Lush Lashes Mascara Badunkadunk.

Watch her 360˚ VR Halloween Tutorial

The ’20s Creepy Flapper Halloween Makeup

By Sonjdra deluxe​


Sondjra Deluxe

  • Define your features with the Highlight and Contour Palette to create dimension on your face.
  • Complete with the Full Throttle Shadow Palette. Easy On The Eyes to add more depth around your eyes, the side of your nose bridge and in the hollow of your cheekbones. 


  • Apply the Suede Matte Lip Liner in Kitten Heels on your lips. 
  • Fill in with Full Throttle Lipstick in the shade Up The Bass.
  • Trace the outer corners of your lips and your cupid’s bow with the Gel Liner And Smudge in black.
  • Finish with a dab of the Face And Body Glitter in Ruby on your lips.

Watch her 360˚ VR Halloween Tutorial 


Circus Queen: The Cute Clown Halloween Makeup

By Kimberley margarita

FACEKimberly Margarita

  • Cover the surface of your face with the SFX Crème Colour White.
  • Use the warm colours of the Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights to contour your cheeks and forehead line. Finish with a dab of the red shadow on your nose.


  • Use the precise tip of the Felt Tip Liner in Black to create circus custom designs above your eyebrows and under your eyes.


  • Apply the Liquid Suede Alien on your lips.

Watch her 360˚ VR Halloween Tutorial

How to watch the videoS in VR: 

Ever wondered what it would be like to do your makeup right next to @ssssamanthaa, @sonjdradeluxe, and @kimberleymargarita_? WATCH their makeup tutorials in 360 degree mode, and be right in the middle of the action of a NYX store!

Follow these simple steps for an unforgettable 360 degree experience: 

  • Open the YouTube app on your mobile device 
  • Select the 360˚ video of your choice
  • Move your phone up and down, left, right, and all around to catch every angle of the tutorial, as if you were really there!