We’re a motley crew of doers, thinkers, makers and creators from across the globe that have come together to create something special for you, our friends, our customers, our communities. Our specialty? Exceptional, in-house designed eyewear at an affordable price. 

We come from a foundation of independence. That means we are able to keep prices fair—while using the best quality materials—by designing all frames in-house and only selling via our own boutiques.  

To make the process easy, honest, and open, we offer one price point across all frames, including prescription lenses. 

Some might say we’re your modern day spectacle-wearing hero/ines with a penchant for style! Okay, we said some.

What else will you find at an Ollie Quinn boutique? A charismatic bunch of people who like to chat and do things together. Lots of things. Collaboration and community involvement is how we come up with the really good stuff, so friends, do stop by.

As part of our commitment to your eye health, we have certified eye doctors in store. Book your 30 minute full eye health exam with Ollie Quinn here!

Formerly Bailey Nelson

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