Square One is a proud sponsor of The Blue Trees, an initiative pioneered by the international artist, Konstantin Dimopoulous, in partnership with Simons and The City of Mississauga.

On Sunday, October 2, 2016, participants joined Konstantin Dimopoulos in colouring trees outside of Entrance 7 and Simons to form a temporary public art installation in downtown Mississauga. 

About The Blue Trees:
The Blue Trees is an international award-winning, temporary public art installation that raises questions about global deforestation through social action and community participation. Using an electric-blue coloured pigment, living trees will be transformed for a short time into a surreal landscape.

The water-based colourant is biologically and environmentally safe, causes no damage to trees or those who apply it, and is meant to inspire conversation and action within the community. Longevity of the project is dependent on weather.

This artwork makes trees visible in urban spaces and raises social consciousness about the role of trees as the lungs of the world.