Square One was proud to celebrate Diwali in partnership with Trillium Health Partners. The festival was a spectacle of colour and a feast for the senses with delicious food and captivating entertainment. 

Benefiting the Trillium Health Partners Cardiac Health program, proceeds from this festival will be invested in new equipment, upgrading care spaces, providing innovative treatments and programs in order to continue to enhance and develop this life-saving program. 

The Meaning of Diwali
Diwali (also known as the Festival of Lights) is a South Asian festival celebrated annually by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs. Derived from the Sanskrit word, Deepawali (deep—light, awali—a row) is translated to a row of lights.

Celebrated internationally, Diwali honours the triumph of goodness over evil and light over darkness. 

The festival is typically celebrated in October or November, according to the lunar calendar.