Calling all chocolate lovers, this one’s for you. Whether you’re looking to pick up last minute treats for a party or satisfy your sweet tooth during a long day’s work (because, YOLO), Square One has it all. Don’t know where to go? Fear not. Presenting the only chocolate lovers guide you need at Square One. No really, you don’t need to thank us.

Jamie’s Italian
If you’re having a mad chocolate craving and feeling fancy (as one should), then Jamie’s Italian bistro is where you need to be. Taking the basic brownie dessert that we all know and love so much, the Italian restaurant ups the ante by pairing it with a vanilla bean gelato and garnishing it with caramelized popcorn. If this is not the most epic brownie, we don’t know what is.

Purdys Chocolatier
When we say a chocolatier has it all, you better believe it because we truly mean it. Whether you’re in need of picking up a gift for the chocolate lovers in your life (might we suggest the Chocolate Survival Kit?) or in dire need of something sweet for yourself (ice cream, anyone?), Purdys Square One is your one-stop shop for all things chocolate.

Ève Café
Need a place to catch your breath whilst shopping at Simons department store? Head into Ève Café for a sweet pit stop. While it’s wide array of pastries and chic café decor make good enough reasons to stay for awhile, we suggest ordering the customer fave (and Instagram-worthy) Dark Chocolate Fondue with seasonal fruits for dipping. 

Lindt (Opening November 15)
Stepping into any Lindt chocolate shop is the ideal escape for any chocoholic. Stop by the new location at Square One to experience and shop from a wide selection of decadent chocolate masterpieces, including an assortment of truffles, perfect for any occasion. 

Aroma Espresso Bar
Before you scroll pass this hot chocolate option, might we convince you to do otherwise? Not your ordinary powdered mix, Aroma puts its own twist on the winter classic with melted chocolate pieces. Complete with steamed milk, a dusting of cocoa powder, and a marshmallow topper, this creamy cup of goodness is absolutly hard to resist. 


Renée Tse

Renée Tse is a Toronto-based writer, editor and digital content creator. You can find her works published online at, and Travelling and finding a city’s best eateries is her passion, as well as documenting it all on Instagram. She's not afraid to stand up in a restaurant and hover her iPhone over her (and her friends and family’s) food for the perfect shot.