For those that prefer staying in on Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to set the mood for a romantic date night in.

Raise the Bar  
Go the extra mile by splurging on sweet drinks from LCBO to match your V-day mood. From sparkling rosé to strawberries and cream liqueur, check out LCBO’s Valentine’s Day special to find a drink you and your love one can cheers to.

Fort Worth
Transform classic movie nights on the couch to cozy DIY forts using twinkle lights from Urban Outfitters and your fave sheets from Simons

Save Room For Dessert  
Whether you’re cooking at home or ordering takeout, having something delicious at the end of the meal is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Our sweet suggestions: splurge on your fave chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory or try something new such as Baskin Robbins' flavour of the month: Love Potion #31. 

Get Lit
The easiest way to create a romantic atmosphere? Turn the lights down low and scatter a few of your favourite scented candles from Bath and Body Works.

Inside Out
Cooler temperatures in February often makes it harder to create a romantic escape outside, so why not get crafty by bringing the outdoors in? For example, if a picnic in a park doesn't seem feasible in mid-February, creating a makeshift picnic retreat on the floor of your home surrounded by an array of pillows and food is one simple way to say I love you.