Set against a backdrop of modern, clean, and bright interiors, Square One Shopping Centre is where people and place come together to create exceptional shopping and dining experiences. A genuine desire to satisfy, if not delight, guests motivates us to elevate everyday touchpoints throughout the shopping centre. 

Exterior teams create a sense of arrival for guests entering Square One by maintaining parking areas and tending to landscaping. Interior teams ensure that all areas within the centre are kept pristine and fully functioning; even during development phases, the guest experience is uninterrupted as staff ensures all signs of construction are cleared before opening. When interacting with Guest Experience representatives, guests are provided with accurate responses to inquires complete with additional, relevant information being shared to individualize the experience.  

Every day, Square One is managed with pride. An uncompromising drive to provide an exceptional guest experience pushes us to continuously seek opportunities to improve the centre, now and in the future, creating an international shopping destination with heart.

For a detailed outline of Square One’s services and amenities, visit our Guest Experience page.