You’ve got a mega-watt new sparkler on your finger, so naturally you’re going to #selfie that! Before hitting send on the ‘gram though, you’ve got to get your perfect shot in order which calls for some art direction and a killer manicure. This is where a little expert advice is essential! John C. Nguyen, education ambassador for CND (creators of Shellac, our fave gel-mani), shares his thoughts on creating the perfect ring selfie.

What do you need to consider for creating the perfect ring selfie?
“Most importantly your hand should look relaxed as it will create a much more elegant photo,” Nguyen shares. ”Try not to over extend your fingers as it will make your hands appear rigid and if you’re planning on posing with a prop like a champagne glass, grasp the object softly and naturally so fingers don’t look stressed.” 

How can you elongate the look of your fingers?
“The illusion of elongated fingers can easily be achieved by changing your nail style,” Nguyen explains. “If you love wearing enhancements try a tapered almond shape. This will make your fingers appear slimmer and will create a sleek, streamlined look. If you prefer a shorter style of nails a rounded square shape is an excellent choice.”

What is the ideal manicure match for a shiny new engagement ring?
“Always best to stick to classic colours, neutrals, or softer shades,” Nguyen says. “When it comes to showing off your new ring you can’t go wrong with reds, nudes or even a classic French manicure. If you chose French, ensure the white on the tip of your nail is painted with a nice curve to complement your nail shape and does not run straight across the width of your nail—it will make your fingers look stubby!

Nail art…a do or a don’t?
“If you decide to have some nail art, keep it minimal,” Nguyen stresses. “Having a soft ombré of colour or some glitter can compliment your ring, however I’d recommend steering clear of loading up your nails with crystals and gems as it will take the focal point away from your ring.”

To filter or not to filter?
“Filters can be beneficial for many occasions but, I strongly recommend keeping your ring selfie filter-free,” Nguyen smiles. “Who wants to hide the true beauty and shine that gorgeous new rock?! 

Alison McGill

Alison McGill is the editor-in-chief of Weddingbells and the Editorial Director of Mariage Québec.