Warmer weather is always a good indicator, and motivator, to get organized at home. It’s the best time to put away the winter clothes and bust out your spring/summer wardrobe. In doing so, you may get inspired to reno your nest or simply make it more organized. Feeling overwhelmed, or not overly excited? We’ve tackled 6 spaces and show you how to keep things neat, all while maintaining a chic style.  


The Space: Bedroom Closet 
When it comes to closets, think off the rack. If you’re stressed looking for space, or looking for a way to store all your party dresses or new purchases, a basic rolling rack may be the way to go.
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The Space: Kitchen Pantry (image via Hunker)
Making breakfast in the morning or baking won’t seem as daunting when you organize your ingredients in a clear way. Ditch the packaging, and place spices, oats and sugar in labeled canisters to make it easier to find.
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The Space: Fridge (image via Domino Magazine)
According to Domino Magazine, organizing colour is one fun way to maintain a neater fridge. Utilize containers and clearly labelled bins to help make finding ingredients faster and to make eating at home more inspiring.
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Medicine Cabinet

The Space: Medicine Cabinet (image via I Heart Organizing)
Makeup and toiletries tend to come in bulky packaging. Size it down, and toss the packages in favour of clear containers, which will give your more medicine cabinet more room to breathe. Increase shelving space with clear risers to make room for more items.  
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Living Room

The Space: Living Room (image via Magnolia)
Homes renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines are the stuff dreams are made of. For living room inspiration, we looked to one of their recent renos featuring gorgeous furnishings and pretty baskets. Mimic their style with similar baskets, which double as storage for magazines, books and remote controls.
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Junk Drawer

The Space: The Junk Drawer 
You'll always have that one drawer filled with miscellaneous items, be it at work or home. De-clutter this area with inspiration from this desk drawer via I Heart Organizing, complete with clear compartments.
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