For holiday 2017, Square One is going to be the destination for all things fun and exciting, including playing host to the famous Swarovski Crystal Tree (which was built with a new and modern concept in mind) alongside an interactive digital Sparkle Pop Up. The unveiling will take place on Wednesday November 15 at 6 PM. For those wanting to know more, here are 8 cool facts that’ll get you excited to see the Sparkle Pop Up and Crystal Tree up, close and personal. 


FUN FACT: It’s tall.
The tree itself will be elevated atop an 11 foot tall iconic Swarovski gift boxes, so guests can go under the tree and look up. In total, the tree skyrockets to a whopping 26.5 feet. 

FUN FACT: It rotates.
Not your typical rotating tree, expect to be wowed as you see 18.5 feet of the Swarovski Crystal tree do a 360 spin. 

FUN FACT: There are 1290 crystal ornaments.
This year, the tree will be decked out in nothing but gorgeous Swarovski crystals. It’ll be unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

FUN FACT: It will be lit, LED lit! 
Expect to see the crystal illuminated by 265 running feet of LED lights. 

FUN FACT: It was built in less than a month.
From custom 300 feet of custom printed vinyl to 30 gallons of paint, the tree took 550 man hours to design, build and assemble. 


FUN FACT: It’s the first one ever. 
Be a part of history by stopping by the Swarovski digital sparkle pop up, which has chosen Square One to make its global debut. 

FUN FACT: There will be a selfie wall.
Guests can snap a photo with their favourite Swarovski influencer, such as Karlie Kloss, which is built into the digital pop up.

FUN FACT: You can virtually trying things on.
Take part in their built-in interactive mirror, which lets you try a range of virtual Swarovski accessories to see what they would look like!