Nothing builds up an appetite like a good shopping spree. And, when you’ve spent the last few hours walking laps and carting shopping bags around, a bit of sweet indulgence is in order. From shakes to ice cream bars, here are six popular treats you can grab at Square One. 

1. GO SHAWTY, IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY + S’mores Life Milkshakes from Peace Treats
Not only are these indulgent milkshakes highly Instagrammable, the staff go the extra mile and torch your marshmallow and light a candle for these spectacular milkshakes. Milkshake flavours include chocolate, vanilla, matcha green tea, and cotton candy.

2. Lemon Berry Mascarpone from Eva’s Chimney Cone
You don’t need to travel to Budapest to try this European specialty. Eva’s Chimney Cones come filled with vanilla soft serve and all the toppings you can dream of, including their bestselling combo–lemon berry mascarpone.

3. 22 Flavours of Ice Cream Bars from Rocky Mountain
While this spot is known for their famous candy apples, the Square One location is stocked with 22 flavours of ice cream bars with flavours ranging from Nutella to cotton candy–making them a staple shop for delicious ice cream. 

4. Freshly Made 2-bite Butter Tarts from Reds
Dessert lovers are going to want to try the amazing 2-bite butter tarts from REDS–they're made from scratch in-house every day and taste just like grandma’s kitchen. Exclusive to the Square One location.

5. Matcha Rare Cheesecake and Matcha Latte from Tsujiri
The famous Japanese matcha café has landed at Square One and is serving more than just parfaits. You can find creamy matcha rare cheesecake and warm matcha au lait drinks at this location as well.

6. Ruby Black Milk Tea from Chatime
The unique black tea from Taiwan was given the name ruby because of its deep red burgundy colour when brewed. It's naturally sweeter and more full-bodied than traditional black teas. Who knew? Find three new drinks at Chatime featuring the Ruby Tea: the Ruby Black Milk Tea, the Ruby Black Tea Latte, and the Ruby Black Tea Sea Salt Crema. 

Sarah Jade

Sarah Jade is a Toronto-based food, travel and lifestyle blogger at She writes about food in the city, wholesome home cooking, travel and motherhood. She lives with her husband and new baby boy in Toronto. You can find her at @tastesbyjade on Instagram.