Those that haven't tried Tsujiri's famous Japanese matcha items yet are in for a treat. Hailed from Uji in Kyoto, Japan and with over 150 years of experience, this green tea haven is what dreams are made of. 

Since opening its first Canadian location back in 2015, the queue-inducing café has caused quite the stir amongst the Toronto food crowd. Bringing the Japanese traditional sweets for mall goers to experience, Tsujiri opened its third Canadian location here at Square One. The best part? There's no need for you to wait outside in the cold–in comparison to other locations. 

Wondering what all the hype is about? For starters, the green tea café imports their specially-selected tea from Japan and has sourced flavours that aren't bitter for the matcha newbies. It's why green tea fans keep coming back for more. Aside from the fan-favourite green tea soft serve, Tsujiri’s extensive menu includes a variety of hot and iced drinks, floats, shaved ice, cheesecakes and other delicious traditional desserts. From daifukus (traditional Japanese sweet rice cake) to ice cream parfaits, this is one shop you'll have to add to your must-try list! 


Renée Tse

Renée Tse is a Toronto-based writer, editor and digital content creator. You can find her works published online at, and Travelling and finding a city’s best eateries is her passion, as well as documenting it all on Instagram. She's not afraid to stand up in a restaurant and hover her iPhone over her (and her friends and family’s) food for the perfect shot.