Is an updo appropriate for a daytime wedding? Is a ponytail too casual for a formal affair? How do you prevent makeup meltdown in the summer heat, particularly if you are headed oceanside? You want a killer beauty look appropriate for the function you’re attending, but there are key things to consider to ensure your look is on point. We spoke to Sheri Stroh a makeup artist with Toronto’s Plutino Group to get the expert scoop on what works for each and every wedding on your summer schedule.

Brunch Wedding
As this wedding is taking place midday, style yourself as a more polished, version of your everyday look. “This type of wedding is more casual and you’re going to be in natural daylight for most of the event,” Stroh explains. “Keep your makeup and hair soft and pretty, nothing too overdone or glam…you don’t want to outshine the bride!” To create a killer brunch look, forgo the contour, and powder highlighter in favour of natural, gorgeous skin (think Meghan Markle on her wedding day). If you love a pop of colour, opt for a bright lip or consider a pretty blue, green or purple liner on your top lash line and keep the rest of your face super fresh with light coverage and a cream highlighter on the tops of cheeks.

“When it comes to your hair, keep it easy and breezy, don’t try too hard,” Stroh advises. “Go with your usual style, but elevate it a bit with some wave or a very loose up do that is relaxed and simple. Don't go crazy with a large, structured or intricate up do, again, you will look out of place for such an event.”

Afternoon/Evening Wedding
This is more a traditional timeframe for a wedding and the fact that it stretches from day into night means you can have more fun with your hair and makeup if you choose to. “For skin, I love keeping it light and fresh, but you can step up your coverage for this type of wedding as you will likely be in darker, flattering lighting,” Stroh shares. “I love a stronger lip or eye for dinner and reception, so don't hesitate to swap your lipstick shade for evening by stashing another option in your clutch or bring a pencil liner to add a litter more drama to your eyes either on the upper lash line or inside the water line.”

She advises sticking to cream highlighter over powder formulas (“I find they just make skin look more naturally glowing!”). For hair, you can get a little more playful with your style options. Stroh says playing with your hair texture is a great way to mix things up. “If you're up for it, go sleek if you're usually curly or vice versa. For curly looks, think soft and undone styles, even when it’s ‘done’. Leave the big, crispy curls back in the 90s where they belong!”

Destination Wedding
We’re talking specifically of celebrations in warmer climes that are unquestionably romantic and fun, but do take a little extra planning when it comes to your beauty looks–prepare to beat the heat. For makeup, this is the time and place to rock a pretty, dewy vibe. Avoid anything too heavy with your base products because they will all melt down. “Start with SPF, then apply a little concealer where you need it, control shine with a light dusting of powder and finish skin with a matte bronzer on cheeks, forehead, nose and even under your chin and across your collarbone,” Stroh says. “Cream blush formulas work best in the heat as does waterproof mascara. Lip colour can be kept soft or given a punch with a matte red, coral or pink lipstick.”

Your hair will likely be your biggest challenge for a destination wedding as you will be fighting with it’s natural texture in the heat. Stroh recommends going with what you know when it comes to your hair and let it react as it does in the climate. “Before you leave, hit up your stylist for products and tips and tricks on how to manage your natural hair while you're away so you can control frizz or ensure it doesn’t melt down in high temperatures,” she shares. “One important tip to remember if you’re going to be using hot tools, make sure you pack the proper power converters for them—you don’t want to be out of luck when it comes to self-styling your wedding ‘do!” 

Alison McGill

Alison McGill is the editor-in-chief of Weddingbells and the Editorial Director of Mariage Québec.