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  • The Happy Chocco

    A selection desserts including profiteroles and eclairs made with fresh milk, real fruits and fine Belgium Chocolate. Happy Chocco was founded in 2020 as a small family business and we started to supply profiteroles for Toronto-based retail markets. In 2021, we added Eclairs, the classic of French cuisine, to our menu. Our company, which is in pursuit of continuous development and innovation, plans to bring a difference to the market with its fruity eclair products for the year 2022. Our products are produced daily with fresh milk, real fruits and fine Belgium Chocolate. We do not use ready-made ingredients or preservatives harmful to health in any of our products. 

    Hibachi Teppanyaki & Bar

    Hibachi Teppanyaki & Bar is a Japanese style Teppanyaki restaurant specializing in cooking on Hibachi grills. An ultimate dining experience like no other. The chefs at Hibachi Teppanyaki & Bar are very well trained in handling their tools while cooking on the Teppanyaki grill. The master chefs will dazzle you with their samurai-like swordsmanship as they slice, dice, juggle and entertain while preparing delicious food on a sizzling Teppanyaki grill.

    Alaïa Café & Doughnuts



    Savor a flavor at MADO, a brand-new Turkish restaurant in Mississauga. Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy or sweet, we’ve got a huge range of authentic Turkish cuisine available on our menu. We’re excited to bring something new to our Mississauga neighborhood and can’t wait to share our unique recipes

    Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill

    Jack Astor’s is an unconventional restaurant that radiates a relaxed and good-humoured environment. Enjoy the creative atmosphere or express your own wacky ideas with crayons supplied to each table. The menu features new recipes mixed in with classic dishes and plenty of old favorites like Jack’s Garlic Pan Bread.

    Farzi Café

    Farzi Café aims to bring Indian cuisine back “in-Vogue”. “Farzi” can have many connotations, but at Farzi Café, it has just one, “creating an illusion” with its cuisine. Best described as a gourmet experience, it amalgamates traditional global and Indian classics, with Indian influences, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and ambiance. It is a quirky, chic, modern Indian café, where guests enjoy a sensory experience through the finest modern Indian cuisine, with a high energy ambiance. Infusing a generous dose of Indian flavours, Farzi Café presents Indian cuisine where culinary art meets the alchemy of modern presentations and cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy to absorb the guest into the ultimate gastronomic illusion.

    Dal Moros Fresh Pasta To Go

    Founder Gabriele Dal Moro comes from seven generations of chefs in Venice, Italy, so you know this pasta is the real deal. Authentic, fresh, and traditional recipe pasta dishes are made from scratch on-site and start at only $8. With seven varieties of pasta (like spaghetti, rigatoni, and gnocchi) and 12 different sauces (including Bolognese, Pesto, and Alfredo) to choose from, not to mention the extra toppings (diced olives, anyone?), you can experiment to your heart’s content until you find your favourite combo. Let the carb-loading begin!


    Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar is not your typical Italian restaurant. We strive to create new flavours for classic Italian dishes using only the freshest ingredients and perfectly matched wine. And while you are dining with us, we’ll make every effort to treat you as if you are our only guest. Hours: Sunday–Wednesday: 11:30am–1:00am and Thursday–Saturday: 11:30am–2:00am.

    Boston Pizza

    Boston Pizza Square One is the place to be whether it’s dinner with the family by the fireplace, or a night out for karaoke. Take advantage of our free Wi-Fi for your business meetings, relax on our sunny patio or watch the game on Canada’s largest plasma TV.

    Panera Bread

    We are bakers of bread. We are fresh from the oven. We are a symbol of warmth and welcome. We are a simple pleasure, honest and genuine. We are a life story told over dinner. We are a long lunch with an old friend. We are your weekday morning ritual. We are the kindest gesture of neighbors. We are home. We are family. We are friends.