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Helping Canadians save money so they can live better.

Urbanized Interiors

Urbanized is a first-choice furniture shop in Canada having a catalog of superior and quality manufactured home and office furniture. We are here to provide modern styled interior wooden décor to our customers at an affordable price. We value our clients and strive hard to deliver them the best products, so they keep coming back now and again.
Our commitment to quality and workmanship has allowed us to earn an industry reputation for being one of the leading furniture sellers. We have modern and contemporary styled tables, chairs, sofas and other items that readily matches your interior hue.
No matter, which home or office furniture you are looking for, we have a collection of bespoke designs and styles to choose from. All our products come from trusted brand names you can count on. We stand behind everything we sell and offer a quality guarantee.

City Shades/Canadian Masks

Shop our collection of facial coverings.

Gifts & Collectibles

Gifts & Collectibles is a collaborative shopping experience brought to you by The Littlest Gift Boutique and Gr8collectables.
Originally regulars in the Canadian convention scene, these two companies have teamed up to bring their unique shopping experience to a brick and mortar store. Goods range from import plushies from Japan, home goods and stationary, to action figures, signed prints and collectibles from Marvel, DC and many horror, TV and video game franchises.
Two different companies mean twice as much variety to fulfill all your hobby and collection needs.
Be sure to swing by often for new items and rare goods!


A unique digital vending experience, The POP MART ROBOSHOP Display features a unique vending experience complete with a fun photo experience where fans and customers alike can take selfie photos to share with their family and friends!

Conspiracy Comics

We carry similar comics, manga, graphic novels, anime, t-shirts, posters, action figures, plush & more.

Lucky Lotto Centre

Lottery centre.

Mind Games

“The Shop for Creative Minds at Play” Welcome to MindGames.ca – Canada’s premiere online toy store. We’re proud to offer you the widest and most diverse selection of games, books, puzzles, educational toys and so much more! Every day, our interactions with game-lovers, parents, kids and all the wonderful shoppers in our stores allow us to listen and learn from our customers. We never stop improving our selection of toys, puzzles and games. We are in the business of challenging thinking and awakening creativity, our own included! We strive to select games and toys that stand the test of time… which means more value for your money.


MINISO Canada prides itself on the emphasis and importance of customization of our inventory within our stores. We’ve carefully considered the needs and lifestyles of Canadians and have curated a mix of high-quality and stylish lifestyle products, including cosmetics, home furnishings, electronic accessories, stationery, kitchenware, and more. New products are launched monthly, so there’s always something to check out.


The Toronto-based company provides inspiring retail and anticipates and exceeds the needs of their clientele. The Indigo family believes that literature, reading and storytelling are an integral part of advancing society.
Find bestselling books, toys, home décor, stationery, electronics, and so much more!