Vitaly came to life in 2011, while Shane Vitaly Foran was traveling through Bali on a backpacking trip. It was there that he stumbled upon the talents of Balinese woodcarvers, and decided to commission a custom two-finger ring made from black wood. He was so impressed with the final result that he brought back a few rings for his friends in Toronto. The response to the rings was incredible, and Shane quickly realized that there was a massive gap in the men’s accessories market. Seeing an opportunity, Vitaly began to take shape.

Each Vitaly collection follows the principle that there’s rebellion in simplicity. For inspiration, Shane looks to punk rock, where each song is four basic chords used to incite a riot, and Scandinavian minimalism, a movement that passionately declares “less is more.” Vitaly strives to elevate the everyday with carefully placed details, and trusts that “simple” can make enough noise to fill a room—if you let it.

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