Square One is committed to sustainability and proud of the following green initiatives:

Solar Panels

Oxford is committed to being a leader in the development and operation of energy efficient, low-carbon properties. This brings both economic and environmental benefits, such as reducing the cost of electricity and focusing on carbon emissions reductions. These two factors, along with the significantly improved economics associated with rooftop solar power, ‘sparked’ Oxford’s pledge to create 1 million SF of rooftop solar by 2024.

These projects arose out of a simple question and big idea – Could Oxford generate clean, solar power for our customers in a way that enhances returns and saves our customers money on electricity costs? We built a model and approach that said we could, and now we are doing it.

Today, Square One’s rooftop solar panel installation is one of the largest in the Greater Toronto Area. The project marks the third large-scale installation and builds on a decade of leadership for Oxford’s Sustainability program.

  • Working with Holt Renfrew and Simons, the shopping centre installed 2,250 solar panels atop 100,000 SF of rooftop; that’s close to the size of 2 NFL football fields.
  • The solar installation generates over 900 MWh of clean electricity per year; that’s equivalent to powering 120 Canadian homes for one year.

Recycling & Organics Program

Square One is equipped with 9 compactors where all cardboard, paper, bottles, cans and plastics are recycled. Retailers and staff are equipped with resources to sort organic waste as part of the organic waste program. 

Bicycle Parking Stations

Bicycle stands are located at the following entrances: 1, 3, 7, 8 & The Food District. Additional bicycle stands can be found at the P1 parking deck, near Simons, Whole Foods and Crate & Barrel. View map.