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    It goes without saying that we celebrate women every day of the year, but for this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8th, Square One is shining a spotlight on six noteworthy women that are making a positive impact within the Mississauga community and beyond. For the second year in a row, a special experience was created to honour these women, in partnership with Portraits with Impact, an all-female team led by Julianne Costigan, CityLine Expert and Stylist at Large for The Kit, alongside photographer, Erin Leydon.



    Victoria Clarke - Chief Executive Officer, Visit Mississauga

    Victoria Clarke joined the dynamic team at Visit Mississauga as CEO two years ago and hasn’t looked back.

    Victoria brings nearly a decade of hands-on tourism experience to Mississauga’s newly formed Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), and is forging ground-breaking marketing strategies and partnerships with industry leaders to redefine the Mississauga tourism landscape.

    Victoria has 15 years of philanthropic industry leadership and digital marketing knowledge. She has won numerous Canadian and global tourism industry awards, launched new campaigns, earned her Certified Destination Management Executive (CDME) designation and sits on the newly formed Canadian Destination Leadership Council representing Canada’s DMO needs with Destinations International. Victoria also proudly serves on both the CDME Board and the Foundation Board of Trustees with Destinations International.

    Victoria Clarke, IWD

    Blazer: Melanie Lyne | Pant: Melanie Lyne | Flower Pin: Simons | Heel: L'intervalle

    Blazer: Holt Renfrew | Dress: Holt Renfrew | Heels: Holt Renfrew

    Blazer: Holt Renfrew | Dress: Holt Renfrew | Heels: Holt Renfrew

    “[Portraits with Impact] is a beautiful reminder that no dream is too big, and no journey is too daunting when you have a supportive community by your side.”

    Valene Campbell - Founder, Zou Zou Media | Author, The Amazing Zoe

    Valene Campbell, IWD

    Dress: Melanie Lyne

    Valene Campbell, IWD

    Shirt: Holt Renfrew | Skirt: Holt Renfrew

    Valene Campbell embodies the spirit of resilience and advocacy, seamlessly blending her passion for writing with a commitment to promoting diversity in children’s literature and health equity. Born in Canada and deeply connected to her Jamaican roots, Valene’s journey is marked by her academic achievements, including an honours degree from her Master of Physical Therapy program from two historically Black Colleges and Universities, Oakwood University, and Howard University.

    Recognizing the gap in her daughter’s home library, Valene founded Zou Zou Media House Inc., a boutique publishing imprint that has brought the world three (and counting) acclaimed books from The Amazing Zoe series. Her stories offer children of colour mirrors into their own experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.

    Valene’s work extends into the community through school presentations and community read-alouds, where her stories become catalysts for meaningful conversations. She also mentors aspiring authors, guiding them through the nuances of self-publishing and emphasizing the importance of diversity in literature.

    Her advocacy for marginalized characters in Canadian literature aims to dismantle their invisibility, promoting a culture of positive exchange and visibility for young readers. Recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to Watch in 2022, Valene’s contributions are indeed noteworthy. However, she cherishes her role as a mother above all, striving through her writing and advocacy to craft a world where every child can see themselves reflected in the stories they read.

    “Each facet of my work is rooted in a shared mission to amplify voices that have historically been marginalized or overlooked.”

    Lucie Shaw - Owner, D and L Shaw Partners

    Lucie Shaw’s extensive background in customer experience and leadership after 25+ years in the Airline Industry, was the baseline in making a change towards a new and positive career move.

    Making lives better in senior care was the decision. Lucie and her husband David established Nurse Next Door home care in Mississauga. While growing the company for almost 15 years, she was heavily involved in the community. Giving back to the community in which we work and live is so important, rewarding, and inspiring.

    Nurse Next Door now continues to grow under new leadership, and while Lucie is looking at a more balanced lifestyle, her focus as a consultant at D & L Shaw Partners is a blend of supporting other small businesses and entrepreneurs, and continuing with community service, allowing her time for personal pursuits.

    Lucie Shaw, IWD

    Top: Banana Republic | Pant: Simons | Flower Pin: Simons | Heel: L'intervalle

    Sweater: Tory Burch | Pant: Simons | Jewelry: Banana Republic | Heel: Aldo

    Sweater: Tory Burch | Pant: Simons | Jewelry: Banana Republic | Heel: Aldo

    “Giving back to the community that we care for is so important and rewarding.”

    Amanee Nassereddine - Chief Brand Officer, Run the World Summit

    Amanee, IWD

    Blazer: Holt Renfrew | Pant: Holt Renfrew | Heel: Holt Renfrew

    Amanee, IWD

    Top: Holt Renfrew | Skirt: Holt Renfrew | Boot: Holt Renfrew

    Amanee Nassereddine is a people’s person at heart.

    With a natural drive for human connection, supplemented by a Public Relations certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University, Amanee has leveraged her ability to cultivate genuine relationships in building symbiotic partnerships with brands and organizations such as Dove, SunLife, TD Bank, Marriott International, BMO and more.

    She has been a guest speaker for conferences, graduating classes, financial and teaching associations, and Instagram Lives. At the core of what she does is a passion for helping others unlock their next achievement by being a support system and a mentor for others alike. She believes that the power of giving back and being kind is what will push a community forward.

    “At its core, Run the World is all about cultivating a community where females are seen, heard and supported.”

    Rafaa Chapti - Co-founder, Run the World Summit

    Rafaa Chapti is a dynamic serial entrepreneur who has embarked on a multifaceted journey spanning various industries. Beginning her career in finance, Rafaa swiftly transitioned into the realms of fashion, media marketing, and creative directing, showcasing her versatility and passion for exploring diverse avenues of business.

    However, it was her innate entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to fostering local talent and small businesses that truly defined her professional trajectory. Recognizing the potential of budding entrepreneurs and the importance of community support, Rafaa has been instrumental in providing platforms and resources for emerging talents to thrive.

    Co-founding Run the World Summit stands as a testament to Rafaa’s visionary leadership and commitment to empowering individuals to achieve their aspirations. Through this initiative, she has created a platform that not only celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship but also fosters meaningful connections and opportunities for advancement.

    Rafaa Chapti, IWD

    Dress: Tory Burch

    Jacket: Banana Republic | Shirt: Banana Republic | Denim: Banana Republic | Heel: L'Intervalle

    Jacket: Banana Republic | Shirt: Banana Republic | Denim: Banana Republic | Heel: L'Intervalle

    “Run the World Summit events play an indispensable role in cultivating a nurturing ecosystem where women entrepreneurs can flourish, expand their enterprises, and contribute positively to their communities and industries.”

    Zaina Moussa - Founder, Run the World Summit

    zaina moussa, iwd

    Blazer: Michael Kors | Sweater: Michael Kors | Pant: Simons | Jewellery: Simons | Heel: Holt Renfrew

    zaina moussa, iwd

    Blazer: Holt Renfrew | Pant: Holt Renfrew | Heel- Holt Renfrew

    Zaina Moussa has always had a passion for entrepreneurship since her early years. Trying out almost every business possible, she stumbled upon event planning after being inspired by another women-led organization during her travels in the US.

    After coming back home to Toronto, Zaina hosted her first ever sold out, female-founded event with over 300 women in 2017. Since then, her business grew and so did her team. Run The World Summit has now hosted over 100 pop-ups and networking events while empowering and inspiring over forty thousand women globally.

    Through her events, Zaina has recognized that her passion truly lies in being the source of that “light bulb” moment for other women. Her goal is to continue inspiring more women to live a life of purpose and to continue hosting unique and impactful experiences around the world.

    “This fantastic [Portraits with Impact] program is a great reminder that what we are creating is being seen.”

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    Holt Renfrew | Tory Burch | Michael Kors

    Read more our 6 influential women in The Kit.

    A special thanks to our Portraits with Impact team, led by Julianne Costigan and photography by Erin Leydon. Hair partners: Chatters Hair Salon, Beauty Partner: Charlotte Tilbury at Holt Renfrew featuring Shea Vining and Cindy Duplantis and Floral Partner, Blossom Moments.

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